When it comes to penis extension, a lot of methods including pills, lotions, surgery, and penile extenders have been put to trial. Unfortunately, the majority of these methods have proved to be not as effective as expected. Furthermore, some of them have turned out to cause more side effects than penile extension results. This begs the question; which method is effective? The answer is penile extenders!

For starters, a penile extender is a medical device that stretches the length of a penis safely. Quality penis extension devices not only extend the length and enlarges the size of the users’ manhood but also improve the erectile functioning of the penis. Does a penis extender sound like a device you would like to give a try? If yes, keep on reading this post.

1. Quick Extender Pro (The ONLY one we can really recommend)


Quick Extender Pro is arguably the best penis extender you can ever get your hands on. Featuring a unique way to support your system with 2 straps attached, this penile extender comes with two loops, which help to make your penis feel a little bit better with all the tension that goes with it. This ensures an effective enlargement process. Secondly, it features several air pads that take away the unpleasant smell, which is common when you wear a basic extender, by improving breathability. Lastly, Quick Extender Pro features carefully selected materials that meet your hygiene and comfort needs.

The process of penis enlargement with this extender affects both the length and girth of the penis. What’s more, this extender promises great results within just 30 days of use. This is attributed to the manufacturer’s unique penis traction method that is more advanced than what other extenders have. Also, this device comes with a 6-month moneyback guarantee, which means that this product isn’t a scam but something that works as expected.

2. Phallosan Forte

It’s an extender that comes with a special feature designed to enlarge your penis. The multi-directional rod system effectively adjusts the angle of the extender according to your needs if you want to straighten your curved penis to increase its length. What’s more, the extender features a fastening belt that helps to take some of the load off the penis, giving room for penile enlargement. Additionally, the product is constructed with premium material that is lightweight and comfortable to wear throughout the night or doing the day while going through your daily chores. As if that were not enough, this extender perfectly attaches to the head of the penis, thanks to the special vacuum protector system, which is a crucial part of the rod feature. This lowers the risk of numbness for your penis. Last but not least, Phallosan Forte relatively easy to use as it entails an easy-to-follow system. To get the best results with this product within a short span, you must make sure to follow all the instructions and techniques carefully.

3. Size Genetics

Size Genetics will provide maximum results with consistent proper use. This extender will maintain a steady comfort level throughout the process. Coming with a strap and a loop, it lets the user choose, which option best fits them. Featuring a simple design, Size Genetics offers space to allow the penis to grow new tissues in the process of enlargement. This is an extender that is both easy to use and comfortable to wear. Though users might feel a little discomfort in the beginning until after a few days of use, they’ll feel no significant pain when using this medical device. Plus it’s FDA certified, which means that it’s safe for people.

Penis enlargement is a very sensitive topic. Many men who have penile enlargement issues are not willing to seek help because they are too shy to speak about it and it lowers their self-esteem. By sacrificing one’s self-esteem to seek help, one would only expect good results with a penile enlargement method that provides great results. Currently, the most effective enlargement method is the use of extenders. High-quality extenders provide the desired results fast and safely. Speaking of high-quality extenders, Quick Extender Pro, Phallosan Forte, and Size Genetics are some of the best choices available so far. Each product is easy to use and comfortable to wear. Similarly, each product is recommended by the experts. So, which extender would you choose among the above three? You can comment below and let us know your thoughts.